Christmas Pageant

This almost-traditional Christmas Pageant features three original songs, as well as a few traditional Christmas carols. Each script includes a part (or parts) for a narrator, which may be read, a flexible number of solos, lines and combination of the two. Highlights include a beautiful duet between Mary and Angel Gabriel and a catchy song called Baa Baa Bop, when the sheep find out that Jesus is born and they just can’t stop dancing.

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Baa Baa Bop sheet music 



Everyone’s A Star script with score

30 minute running time, cast of 12 – 30



Cast of Thousands script with score

40 minute running time, cast of 35 – 120



Sheep Head Pattern 

A simple cut and stitch pattern for the charming costume sheep-heads on our dancing sheep. And, it’s FREE. (Also good for Halloween.)


2 thoughts on “Christmas Pageant”

  1. These songs and dances bring such joy to the participants and to those lucky enough to see and hear them! _Debby Martin via FB

  2. This is a great way for kids to be exposed and drink in the knowledge of religious stories in a fun and engaging fashion. It will be memorable for both the cast and audience!_Catherine A. Shook Gauthier via FB

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